Trade Sharing

Send your trades to Discord or Twitter instantaneously after submitting them, hands free.

The ability to share your trades and flex your stats is one of the more popular appealing features. We've aimed to deliver this functionality to fit the needs of various traders seeking this capability. Whether you're a guru spreading your wisdom and signals on social media or Discord, or looking for that credibility on the banger you mentioned you last month, or just to share with your followers what you're buying and selling. You can share trades to Twitter instantaneously after being submitted, or Discord(s) using webhooks.

By default, we have pre-set message content for sharing to Discord and Twitter, but you can change 100% of their appearance and deck them out however you'd like!

How It Works

Anytime you submit a trade you can opt-in for Trade Hub to create a pre-set or your own custom tweet with the essential data for you to confirm before sending- but stay tuned, we're looking to fully automate this using Twitter's API. With Discord, it sends all your trades events to any webhooks setup in your account settings with the option to fully customize each message/embed of opening, averaging, partial/trimming, & closing events for all stocks, options, & crypto.

Check out how to get started sharing your trades to Discord through this page Discord There is no setup required for Twitter, but you can still customize how your preset tweets will look by building your own, see Customize Messages or embeds

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