You can share your trades to Discord via webhooks instantly


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Creating Webhooks on Discord

To create webhooks on Discord, right click on the desired channel you want trades to be sent to and click Edit Channel. In the settings click on Integrations then Webhooks and click New Webhook to create a webhook. You can set the webhook name and avatar here, but the webhook name and avatar set in the web app will over-ide these settings.

How It Works

When enabled in settings, will always be enabled in New Trade

You have full permissions of how your message or embed looks when sent. We've built a 'no-code' message builder for your Discord trade sharing, scope it out in your account settings. There is where you'll also specify the webhooks you wish Trade Hub to use for sending out your trades.

You can customize each trade event message:

  • Open

  • Average

  • Trim/Partial

  • Closing

With every data property of the trade, and more:

  • Direction (long/short)

  • Ticker (and ticker logo)

  • Expiration date

  • Strike Price

  • Call/put

  • Notes

  • Link to Trade Insight page

  • Styles & flags

  • Curent market price of ticker

  • Daily high/low price of ticker

To learn how to customize your trade's message content, see the Customize Messages or embeds section.

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