Customize Messages or embeds

You can customize your Discord message or embed, and your Twitter post.

This can be seen as intimidating with all the available configurations & properties, but we wanted to allow for very detailed messages or embeds. We've set a default embed that shows you how the embeds are built using some of the available properties.


You can customize the Discord message or embed you intend on using to share your trades to Discord, for both stocks & options- and crypto soon. Open, average, trim, & exit trades can be shared with fully customize message or embed content for each event.

This will prompt you with the message/embed builder as shown below. The message builder is pretty self-explanatory. To start, choose either stocks or options at the top to begin building custom embeds for. Then choose either Open, Average, Partial, or Exit to specify which trade event you want to customize the shared message for.

There is a selection of properties that get prefilled with the data they represent when a trade is made and is shared on Discord. When clicking these, they will be automatically filled in where your cursor is. Some properties will be hidden depending on the trade event selected—for example, there are no options properties available when Stocks are selected, or Trade Exit Price isn't an option for the Open trade event. You can hit the Show Advanced button to see more properties, such as stock volume and other stats related to a stock. In the Account & Trade Properties section below you can see all the available properties and what they represent.

The embed builder is easy to use, there is a text box for each aspect of an embed. In the Message & Embed Properties section below you can see which each text box represents.

You can see a preview of how your message or embed will look by typing out a sample trade input- knowledge of advanced input is required for this. Use bto aapl @ cmp as an example.

Account, Trade, & Stock Properties

Properties are a menu of data sets that can display stock tickers, current price, your account username & avatar, and so many others including advanced data sets such as the volume and the days high/low prices.

NOTE: You can have properties punctuated to start with capital letters, or have the whole value of that property in all caps. For example: [[]] the ticker would be aapl [[]] the ticker would be Aapl [[]] the ticker would be AAPL [[trade.type]] would be open, average, partial, or close [[Trade.type]] would be Open, Average, Partial,or Close

Account Properties

Trade Properties

Stock Properties

Message & Embed Properties

Author Name & Author Image URL are not to be confused with the username & avatar that the webhook name & avatar uses.


This will prompt you with the tweet builder as shown below. You can edit the message for every trade position event.


Here are some examples of custom messages & embeds to give inspiration on how you can make yours look.

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