Advanced Input

A quick & efficient way of submitting trades.

Advanced Input

The advanced input feature allows for a quicker and more efficient method of submitting trades. When using the general settings, you can see what the advanced format of your trade would be. The advanced method uses a strict format starting with 3 letter 'triggers', stock or crypto/pair tickers, and the price followed by the @ symbol. With options, the expiration date (mm/dd format), strike price, and call/put need to be specified after the ticker.

Triggers: BTO - Buy to Open (open long) STC - Sell to Close (close long) STO - Sell to Open (open short) BTC - Buy to Close (close short)

Examples: Stocks: BTO AAPL @ 123.33 - Buying AAPL for $123.33 to open a long position (STO would be used if the position is short) STC AAPL @ 130.45 - Selling AAPL for $130.45 to close the long position (BTC would be used if closing the short position) Options: BTO SPY 1/23 400p @ 1.23 - Buying SPY contracts with a January 23rd expiration date, $400 strike price, and strategy is put. Same trade, alternative formats: BTO SPY 400p 1/23 @ 1.23 - BTO SPY 1/23 400 put @ 1.23 - BTO SPY 400put 1/23 @ 1.23

STC SPY 1/23 400p @ 2.34 - Selling the open SPY contracts, you can use the same alternatives above. STO & BTC would be used if these were short-selling positions.

Crypto: Pairs needed to be attached to the tickers but always separated by the / symbol. Exchanges are to be specified at the end of the input BTO BTC/USDT @ 19,000 binance - Buying Bitcoin with USDT as the trading pair on the Binance exchange. Notes can be added anywhere after the price. Trade style (daytrade/swing/etc) keywords can be detected anywhere in the notes, along with trade flags (risky/lotto/etc), as well as crypto exchanges.

You can get a clearer idea of how the advanced input works by checking out the Overview section

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