Setting TP/SL

How to set or change TP/SL, one or both can be set. These can auto close your trade when their specified levels are hit.

Take Profit & Stop Loss can be set, or just one. The format is not strict, just need to specify the price after the letters TP or SL | To cancel one, set it to 0 (zero) Example; TP 2.34 SL 1.23

Changing TP/SL

$list Displays 5 latest open trades

When TP/SL is Hit

Trades are intended to auto close when your specified TP/SL levels are reached. When this occurs you will receive a DM notification from the bot, be sure you don't have DM's disabled for the server you're using it in.

Note: Auto closing at TP/SL when hit is not always 100% successful with volatility. If you have them set and your play didn't close when hit, please use $fixtrade or reach out to support.

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