This section will go over how to submit your trades that are logged to your Trade Hub dashboard and calculated towards stats.


The bot checks against real-time current market prices at the time of submitting your trade. It allows you to be off by a small amount to help with volatility and time it takes to submit. It's best to submit your trades with the bot as soon after executing the order within your brokerage. This is to prevent traders manipulating stats and cheating ranks.

This video will guide you through on how to properly use the Discord bot. Keep in mind that our app is still in it's beta stages and features are added constantly, so there may be some functionalities that are missing from this video. When version 1 is released a new video will be published.

This video was recorded during week 2 BETA (v0.2). Although it doesn't cover everything, it's a great short video to see how the bot works and the basics of submitting your trades.

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