Trade Styles & Flags (daytrade/swing or risky/lotto)

Trades can be marked by the style they are (swing, scalp, etc.) and flagged with risk factors (risky, lotto, earnings) which will assign an icon highlighting the risk.


Available trade styles: Daytrade - Swing - Scalp - Long Term

Trade styles & flags can be used anywhere in the notes


Lotto & YOLO trades are exempted from stats. In a future version they will have their own stats in the stats expansion on dashboards.

lotto or yolo will be marked as High Risk YOLO Play risk or risky or high risk will be marked as High Risk Play earnings or er will be marked as Earnings Play

Using any of these keywords in your trade's notes will mark your trade with its associated flag, placing an icon on the app display for that trade. These trades displayed on the app will have an icon associated with the relevant risk, and when hovered over will give detail on that type of risk.


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