Set your default trading market to crypto, your crypto exchange, and trading pair

To set or change your defaults use the $defaults command

Default Trading Market

Why set my default trading market?

The default market setting is what tells the bot whether your trades are crypto or stocks. When set to crypto, you don't need to specify your trading pair (unless it's different than your default pair) which can allow for a faster trade submission.

When trying to trade stocks/options while your default market is set to crypto, you'll need to add the -s syntax to the end of your ticker. I.e. bto aapl-s @ cmp When trading options you don't need to use the -s syntax.

When trading options you don't need to use the -s syntax.

You can still trade crypto when your default market is set to crypto. You will just need to specify the trading pair with your ticker, or use the .x syntax at the end of your ticker to use your default trading pair. I.e. bto btc/usdt @ cmp or bto btc.x @ cmp

The -s and .x syntax's can be used with any of these characters: - . _ * ^ > < except @ and /

Default Crypto Exchange

We currently support 12 crypto exchanges used to check real-time crypto prices. Here's the full list: - Binance - - - Bybit - Kucoin - Kraken - Huobi - Bitfinex - Coinbase -

By default your exchange is set to binance and can be changed using the $defaults command. You can also specify the exchange for any trade after your input price. I.e. bto btc/usdt @ 0.00000

Default Trading Pair

Trading pairs consist of two assets that can be traded with each other on an exchange and are also used to quote one crypto against the other.

The default trading pair allows you to not have to specify the pair when submitting a trade, it will automatically use your default pair- so long your default market is set to crypto. The trading pair is the second ticker after the / separator. I.e. btc/usdt

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